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the sidelines. among those who lost their life a 29-year-old woman. crystal campbell was there to cheer on a frfnltd when they went to the hospital they were mistakenly told their daughter had survived. now back to you. >> all right. we were treat -- tweeting all the deadly details. you can find it anytime at abc2 under score alerts. >>> erica brannic is a teacher here in towson. she is still in the icu in boston. she's on the right, her mom's on the left. her sis they are nicole and brother-in-law were both injured as well. we reached out to trinity children's center. they said we do understand she is stable but not able to be contacted at this time. our community will pass along appropriate updates. please pray for erica and her family. >>> we had nearly 450 runners boston. they began to trickle back home. the runners, weary from the race and the emotional toll, flew into bwi. an er doctor had just finished his 13th boston marathon when the marathon went off. >> i would say sadly i'm -- i always had a feeling it wasn't a matter of if it would happen but more than when. it's a large ev
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1